Day Eight and Nine

Well, we have moved on to Utah! The town of Vernal is awesome.  We explored the town and the beautiful flowers that they have on their main street.

We were very thirsty looking at all those flowers!  So of course we had to see what breweries were in the area.

DAY NINE – We then thought we should educate our selves and we visited the Dinosaur Museum.  We also found a geocache within the Museum itself!  (Of course I am the one that found it.  🙂 )

Then I proceeded to ask Mark if we could go look at the Moonshine Arch.  We were informed that it was only about a half mile hike to the arch.  WRONG, more like a mile and a half (sorry Mark)… and of course I was not the brightest, I am in my flip flops!  But what a beautiful place.

Now after that big hike, Mark and I went back to the camper for a nice nap.  Then we got up and decided to play nine holes at this great 18 hole golf course (Dinaland)!

Thank you Vernal, what a great town!


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