Day Five

You may think I skipped some days but after we closed on our house on July 20th, Mark and I stayed in Morgan County for the weekend to do some golfing and hang out with our dear friends.   As we started loading up our camper, poor Shiloh thought we were going to leave him!


Then we headed to Loves to fill up our rig with gas!  Please note the sign that I am holding was a departing gift from Commissioner Jim Zwetzig….  There are many more to come in our journey!  (Thanks Jim)  I thought since we are retired, that I should try to help pay for the gas!


We headed out to Central City KOA to spend the night and see my son, Andy and his fiancé Niki for one night before leaving the state.  Shiloh and I got up the next morning and went for a nice morning walk.  He is such a handsome boy!


DAY SIX – Then we headed to Carter Lake where we met Mark’s daughter Cassandra for the afternoon and evening as well.

Onto the next stop!

1 thought on “Day Five

  1. Careful! In some states I believe it is illegal to panhandle! LOL!

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