Pinedale, WY

What a great find!  We stayed at Fremont Lake, what a treasure!  We highly recommend this camping site to everyone.

Once we had our campsite all set up, we decided to go venture into Pinedale to see what they had to offer us.  Of course, we found this great brewery to have a beer and some lunch!  We had the Mongo Mango beer with the Brew master burger… Very yummy!

We then headed back to our campsite to just relax and take in the sights of the lake.  We had a great fire that evening, and it was so quiet and peaceful!

Can you hear the fire crackling?

The next day we headed back into town to have some breakfast.  This place was so darn cute and look at these flowers!  How the heck do they get petunias to grow like this.  It was a great find.


Mark busy on his phone and not enjoying the flowers!


We spotted a couple parks yesterday and Mark is ready to go use his medal detector and see how much money he can make!  (Don’t forget we are jobless, we have to make money some how!)  They boy in the picture (Diase) was very intrigued on this process and Mark was great in showing him on the medal detector worked.

While we were at this park, we met a boy (Aden) and his brother (Diase) and they were raising money to go to a camp.  They were selling homemade lemonade that was his own recipe along with popsicles.  I met his dog named McCoy, and did he love the water!

While Mark finished up with his detecting, I took a drive around town and did a little shopping.  I found these cute cabins that are available for rent.

After all that fun in town, it was time to head back to camp!  We did stop at the meat speciality shop in town and picked up a couple filets for dinner that evening.  When we got back to camp, we decided to meet our neighbor camper at the small beach area to take Shiloh for a short swim.


Shiloh loved the water
Mark is a funny guy!

That evening we invited our camper neighbor, Tim Groom to dinner.  What a great guy.  Mark and Tim enjoyed talking politics and all the different travels that Tim has completed in his retirement.  Thanks Tim for the great time!

Well our time is over here at Fremont Lake!  Time to make a few dollars to head to the next camping site!


2 thoughts on “Pinedale, WY

  1. Tim looks a bit like Mark! Did they share the same politics???
    This blog is great – well done,Kristi


    1. Well, pretty close any way! 🙂


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