Rock Springs, WY

It is amazing how the days just run into each other!  I am going to title my posts of the location that we are currently at or just left!

We only spent one night at this location.  The highlight of the stay was doing some geo cashing and of course finding a local brewery to have a beer!

The pictures below are from Flaming Gorge that is north of Rock Springs.  We did not have any good pull offs for me to take better pictures.  It was beautiful and a very large body of water!


This is the dam and bridge that we crossed when leaving Rock Springs.

We are headed to to Pinedale to spend two days!

3 thoughts on “Rock Springs, WY

  1. That is a lake on our bucket list!!


  2. My first trip by plane seas from St Louis to Rock Springs via Denver! My sister and her husband lived there. He got the worse sunburn of his life on the top of his feet while we were at Flaming Gorge! It’s truly beautiful!


  3. Uh that’s plane ride not seas 🤣


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