Grizzly Bear – Island Park

Mark and I were looking for a good campsite after we left Riverside Campsite.  We were recommended to stay at any of the parks that were located in Island Park.


While setting up our campsite, both Mark and I have noticed that it is funny how people will drive through the campground to both look for open sites, and to just cruise.  This gentleman just came into the site to use the facilities and left his rig in the middle of the road!  Really?!?!?!


Once we had our campsite set up, we decided to take a drive and see what was in the area.  We found this great log cabin that was built near Big Springs.  Big Springs is a first-magnitude spring that produces over 120 million gallons of water each day.  This spring is the actual birth place of the Snake River.  (Mark states this is truly amazing to watch the water come up from the the ground)


This is the water wheel that the German built to supply water and electric.
It was time for me to be in a corny picture.


We then drove back to the campsite and made dinner.  I made a red sauce pasta and salad.  The lettuce and blue cheese that was used we purchased at a great farmers market in Driggs, ID. We were informed that the lettuce was grown only during the right moon cycles. (???????) But it was delicious!  This town is the county seat for Teton County.

Thank you Chairman Mark Arndt for giving me this bottle of wine for a going away gift.  It was truly amazing!

Then Mark and I settled in with a nice fire for the night.

Can you hear the crackling and the smell of fresh burning wood. 

I decided to take Shiloh for a quick walk in the wooded area that was behind our campground.  It was such a great area to have dogs!


Shiloh and I did not get to far and he started pulling on the leash as like he saw something.  I kept telling him to quit pulling on the leash darn it, but he was bound determined to go see what he thought he saw.  I turned around and walked back to Mark and informed him that Shiloh saw something out there.  Mark took the leash and took Shiloh out to see what was going on.  They stopped about 25 feet and crouched down to see what was in the trees.  Well of course Newman had to see what ManToy was doing (Mark).  Newman just arrived and Mark told Newman to get back to mom NOW!  I have never knew Newman could run so fast in my life barking “Mom” the whole way.  He was a scared like a little girl!  Then Mark turned around and told me to get in the trailer, there is a bear coming our way.  Of course what would I say?  Where?!?!  Mark said behind me, so get in the trailer.  Well I stood there for a brief moment pondering what should I do?  Well of course I put the dogs in the trailer and then I told Mark I have to get my wine off the picnic table first.  That is when I noticed the bear.  I ran towards the door of the trailer and took the best pictures that I could of the bear.  Mark luckily had a gun that was loaded in the trailer since he knew we were in bear country.  Him and another neighboring camper worked the bear through the campground to another area.  What a shitful night!


Thank the Lord that someone created wine!



4 thoughts on “Grizzly Bear – Island Park

  1. Wow!! What an adventure! And, nice save on the wine!!

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  2. Good pic considering you were running with a glass of wine in your hand!

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  3. Makes for an interesting evening! Dogs always know when something is going on.
    So glad your having fun!

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  4. A BEAR – good grief – eeeekkkkk. However, so happy you did get a picture! Good girl thinking wine!!
    What an awesome adventure! I am most anxious for the Washington State adventous, 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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