Thoughts of Newman

Hello, my name is Newman.


My brother, Shiloh and I are on this great adventure with our humans.  We love when we arrive at our new destinations, but it is the process getting there that is a real drag!

Do I really have to stay in the trailer this time????


But when it is too hot to be in the trailer, this is how I ride in the truck!

And this is what I do when we get to our new camping spot!


That is all……

2 thoughts on “Thoughts of Newman

  1. Poor Newman!

    Hope he is having a great time—Shiloh is no doubt!

    Thank you for sharing your adventures!

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  2. Shiloh is looking even more grey than when I saw him last. Can’t wait to see you all. Does Newman really think????

    Liked by 1 person

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