Bozeman, MT

Well, it is our last night here in Bozeman.  Mark and I have had a very relaxing time here.  The weather has been wonderful (high of 79)!   Today we decided to play 18 holes of golf at Cottonwood Hills Golf Club.  It was a great course and we had the privelege to golf with these two great fellows!


This is Kevin and Tim.  Tim is a member of this course and golfs well.  I think Tim is still working on his game… 🙂

Kevin is in the blue and Tim in the yellow.
If a man does not make it past the women’s tee box on his drive, he has to drop his trousers to hit his second shot! Ha Ha Ha (what a good sport)

After all that hard work, Tim and Kevin recommended this brewery to us.  It as a great spot to end the day!


We had the Midas Crush!


Who could not love that little goofy face!

This grain bin was near the course, and I just loved it… So of course I need to post a picture!


We are moving on to Helena tomorrow morning!  I hope every one has a good night.

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