Thoughts of Newman

My mom told me tomorrow is “move day”. This means they make the camper small and I get stuck in my bed by the door. But at least I get a treat before we leave so I don’t mind it as much any more..

I do ask Mantoy (Mark), when are we going home?

I am a funny dog and like to do my business in a nice grassy area. Shiloh and I have been lucky and this past week it has looked like our back yard!

I heard a rooster earlier today, I miss the chickens.. 😢

4 thoughts on “Thoughts of Newman

  1. I bet Newmie and Shilo miss the chickens, too! We miss and love you guys!!


  2. Awe. Poor boys. Laura misses Kristi!

    But can’t wait to

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    1. Can’t wait for you to visit!!!


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