Ferry to Bremerton

We took a trip to Harstine Island!We hopped on the ferry in Seattle and the ride takes about an hour to Bremerton. It was a very quiet ride since it was early and during the week. Just look at these views! What a good day!

This is called a “sun burst”!
Is this water not beautiful!

Once we landed in Bremerton, it is about a 40 minute drive to Harstine Island. It is a beautiful drive and you go through two cute towns of Belfair and Allyn.

This is a picture of the bridge to get to Harstine Island.

Our purpose of our visit was to make sure of the location of where we will build the yurt and the pad that will be used to for our camper. It is all so exciting for this Nebraska born girl!

Next week we will start clearing some of the land and will be have a company come out to dig our septic and prep for digging our well. And then the fun begins…🤣

Then here is the lovely view to get to our property.

Once we turn onto Camden Avenue, this is the road to the property… look at these dirt roads! (I am not in Morgan County who has the best roads)

Now here is the property in its current state… Lots of work to be done over time but what a view!

Holy cow, I am not in Nebraska!

The smells are unbelievable.

That is a lot of wood to burn and that is only one small pile.
What a view…

We are so excited!!!!

Then I took a walk down to the beach! Yes, you read correctly I said BEACH! It was such a gorgeous day!

This is one of the trails to get to the beach… it is so quiet you can hear your heartbeat!
Moss? We don’t have moss in western Nebraska!
Ferns, they grow wild! All of you will get one for Christmas!!
What a view to relax with!

Here are pictures of our ride back to Seattle on the ferry. As you can tell the sun came out and it was a nice sunny afternoon.

Check out the Space Needle!

Definitely ride the ferry during the week!

We are visiting Rainer Yurts on Thursday to place our order!!!! That will be my next post!

2 thoughts on “Ferry to Bremerton

  1. So exciting!! And beautiful!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You guys will have the best of it all – mountains and ocean! Yay.


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