Yurt progress

We met with Dana at Rainer Yurts on Thursday! What a great experience. She gave us a tour of their plant and explained some upgrades that they have done with the yurt since we were there last. We discussed what we wanted in our yurt and she is now working on our quote! We should have it ordered next week. The pictures above is their newest yurt in their showroom. These are the exact colors of what our yurt will look like. The goal is to have the yurt delivered by mid October!

We have a lot to get done by then… 😬

To celebrate our day we went out with friends for sushi and then to this cute cocktail place in Edmunds! This place will hold around 20 people tops!

Desmond is the bomb!

1 thought on “Yurt progress

  1. How exciting! I checked out the yurt company on-line. Which floor plan do you like? There are so many … We are actually doing our on floor plan. We will have a small loft area where we will sleep at first. Then next spring we will add another small yurt with a breezeway that will be our bedroom!


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