9 Days….

We had a great visit to the island today! 9 days from today we will be living on the island! We delivered our first truckload to the island, pallets that our solar panels will sit on until we build our pole barn next year.

Here is where our yurt will sit and you can see in the second picture our septic is completed.

The trench has been filled in where the electrical was laid and we have a box!!!! We have high hopes to have electricity, water and septic fully running by the end of October.

Next Sunday (9/30) we will move our camper onto the property! Here is where we will locate the camper and our view under the awning!

And yes, we will have neighbors… and no, they are not building a yurt! 🤣

October 1st we will receive our first shipment from Lowes that will hold all the materials that we need to build the yurt platform. (Poor Mark has only me as his helper 😬). October 18th our yurt will be delivered to the island! We have recruited a gentleman out of Idaho that has put up several Rainer Yurts to help give us a hand with this huge project! (Volunteers are welcome!)

Progress!!!! It is getting exciting now.

To end a great day, check out who decided to show themselves today!!!

1 thought on “9 Days….

  1. Wow you guys are really making awesome progress! So exciting!! Hugs!👍😎

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