Second Road Trip

I know some of you have mentioned that I am slacking in my blogging duties… Well we have been lazy and their has not been a heck of a lot to blog about!

But we had to fly back to Colorado and remove solar panels from Mark’s old house in Brush. We are taking them with us to Washington!

So we took an ugly red eye flight Friday morning.. Mark had some work that he had to do on some of the rentals. Of course I had to get my hair done! We went out to dinner Friday night we the bestest group of people ever!

What a great night at Elaine’s!

Then Saturday came… and it was time to take off the solar panels! We thought it would take two days but we got it done by 3:00 that day!

There is another row on the back side.

It was hot on that roof!
Here they are in the truck.

It was a long day! But we finished the day heading to the Octoberfest in Brush!

Now it’s Sunday and I head to Brighton to pick up my mom and go see Andy and Niki! What a fun day!

Here are Andy’s chickens!!!! It was so fun to harass them! Molly the speckled chicken lays daily but Andy got a surprise from one of his Americana’s with the green egg! (I squeezed that egg out 🤣)

This is Tinker Bell
Check out silly Melvin!

Check out this pretty green egg

Now it is Monday and Mark and I are traveling with our U-Haul and pulling our car. We made it to Sheridan Wyoming. Here are a few pictures from today! Tomorrow I will blog our travels through Montana!

The longest state ever!

Dave Johnston power plant
Lake de Smet
Lake de Smet

Good night!!!!

2 thoughts on “Second Road Trip

  1. What did you do with the dogs????

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tori watched them and we hired a dog walker as well.


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