Moving the camper

Well it was a good day! We took our camper to the island to get it set up!

Below is an actual video of us driving the camper to our property. This is Camden Way off the main road to our property. The video is about five minutes long (you don’t need sound)

Here is the camper and where it will be parked!

A few final touches that we will complete when we get back on Saturday. Otherwise “home sweet home!”

Mark loaded into the U-Haul a large army tent that he use to put up in his back yard. We thought we could use it to store the wood and supplies when delivered for construction in case it rains 🤣. This sucker is huge and Mark was very patient with his helper in putting this large tent up. It’s not finished but we will do the last few touches when we come back on Saturday.

My hands still smell like this tent even after a shower tonight…🤣

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