Moving along

Good morning! I have WiFi so I thought I better post some pictures.

Sunday was a rainy day so we took the ferry into Seattle to spend the night with Mark’s parents. We came home on Monday in a drizzle but were able to work in the afternoon and get some work done on the platform.

Yesterday was a long day! I must have really made Mark mad because he handed me a shovel and said “get to digging woman”! I dug a 36 foot 2 feet deep trench under the platform. I now know why I have always been a white collared worker!!!! I was dead tired and sore…

The dogs love to supervise while I work, they were dog tired as well. Lol

Then Mark had a very frustrating day as the blueprints that were supplied to us by Rainer were wrong in their calculations. He had to re-do two sections. He was not a happy camper and we made a phone call to our sales rep to let her know! The blueprints are for a 30 foot yurt modified for a 33 foot. Well they did not capture all the correct modifications. 😡

Here is our mountain at the end of our long day!

I took this picture this morning of where we are as of last night. Today we are picking up supplies this morning and will finish the other half of the floor and put in the sewer line in under the yurt.

Low clouds this morning

More to come in the next few days!

3 thoughts on “Moving along

  1. You guys are Balls to the Wall……Hahahaha I am so impressed…..geez whizzzzz……with the beautiful view, you guys are living in GOD’s Country…..what a magnificent view! Enjoy!! Xoxoxo.

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  2. Looking good! It’s moving along nicely!!! Well done, Kristi with that trench – I couldn’t have done it@@@

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