Platform finished!

What a crazy few days! We are totally exhausted and sore! Mark has been fabulous in this whole process. This man has amazing talents. And of course I am the best assistant ever!!!!

Started laying the final flooring

We tarp it at night to keep moisture out.

Half way done!
Is this not gorgeous!!!

The flooring is moving into the round!

It is all tucked away until Saturday!!!

6 thoughts on “Platform finished!

  1. Wow!! Love the flooring!
    Sunshine, too!
    Love ya!!

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  2. So what’s happening on Saturday, is the kit being delivered? The flooring is really sharp, love the grain variations and colors 😘


    1. Yes, we will pick up yurt this week and we will start putting it up on Saturday!


  3. Now, that is a project! It really does look like fun, plus a whole lotta work! Beautiful wood! What kind is it?

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    1. Actually it is a waterproof laminate type flooring.


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