Day One

Holy moly!!!! It was a super long day and lots of heavy lifting. We had the greatest crew helping us out putting this dream together. David and Ute came from Idaho and they put up Yurts for a living. We were so excited that they were available for hire to come assist.

Zach came to help this weekend since he is building a 30 foot yurt in the Portland area. He is not using these two guys to assist in his build so he wanted to watch them during a build. I wish him luck! I can’t even imagine doing this without David and Ute!

Gabe is a young gentleman that I found that lives here on the island. He was looking for side work to make extra money. What a gem! An exceptional young gentleman

Okay, here is what we accomplished day one!



This was fun working with the insulation!

Mom, what is going on???

I love my flooring!!!!

Check this out!!!!!❤️


Newman is making sure the rafters don’t move…

Yes, Mark is smoking!!!
The lattice is beautiful!!!!

Putting up the “ring”!!!
Now the rafters!

Tah Da!

Day Two is completed but I will post that tomorrow! Long day and I am sleepy!!!

1 thought on “Day One

  1. That is really neat! The latice reminds me of a giant baby gate!


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