Loft floor

We finished the floor for the loft or you could say we finished the ceiling for the bathroom and closet.

Now we need to figure out what material we will use to finish the walls. Mark is thinking about what design to use for our stairs that lead to the loft.

Notice Mark is always working!

This is in the bathroom

This is our view from the loft

This is where our bed will go

We were suppose to start on the well today but that got delayed until tomorrow.

Mark and I will head to Olympia to look at wall materials and pot belly stoves!

Here is a sneak view of the kitchen cabinets we chose.


3 thoughts on “Loft floor

  1. Nice, hickory cabinets?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No, this is a stock cabinet at Lowe’s.. nothing fancy but will look good in the yurt.


  2. Looking more and more like a home.


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