Walls are going up

Mark and I have been working on the walls in the yurt. This is totally manual labor because we using a hammer!!!

Looking into my closet
It’s going to be awesome!

We are making good progress! Our well guy did not show today, it’s now going to be Monday. 😡

Then I had to end my day with backing into Mark’s truck. I need a day off… 😢

Making progress…

4 thoughts on “Walls are going up

  1. Looking excellent! I’ll have to come down and see it before we go to Mexico!!!


  2. Thanks Sue for telling me about this site.

    Mark and Kristi how much fun for you and what an experience. Good for you!
    Kristi just break the darn shovel😏 Just kidding of course just don’t make Mark mad😡 Lol

    Hope Walt and I can see the project.

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    1. We would love for you guys to come out any time! ❤️


  3. Looking fantastic…love watching your updates!!

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