We found water

Busy day yesterday! The guys came out to start the well drilling and they started to hit water around 180 feet but plan on going down another 100 feet. That drilling is happening as I post this. So we should have running water by the end of the week! Now we need to get the electrical going!

These are big trucks!!!

I thought it was cool the truck came off the ground.

So exciting!!!

Here is a short video when they hit water!

I must have made Mark mad again because he handed me the shovel and told me to start digging! These kind of days I miss my County job! ❤️

3 thoughts on “We found water

  1. Poor girl! Quit making him mad, or you will look like Popeye!!
    Yay for water!


  2. Now you can add ditch digger to your list of jobs. lol Glad you will have water soon! Well water is the best! No, added chemicals you don’t need.


  3. Oh My Gawd – this is so overwhelming to me….what a gigantic project however, what an awesome adventure!,
    Yay for water, now for electric! 👍👏👏👏👏😘


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