New Heat

Here is the stove that we originally installed.

Well after testing it a couple of days, it is not large enough to heat the yurt let alone go through a night! Lowe’s has been so great to work with. We told them our problem and their response was bring it back and let’s get you a bigger one!

Now keep in mind, this stove almost weighs 400 pounds and it is only Mark and I to get it in the right place.

So of course Mark has a plan!

We built these blocks to get the stove off the ground so that we can put the protector underneath.

Now this last picture I was so busy helping I did not get a picture of the pipe underneath the stove. We did this so that we could move (roll) the stove back 8 inches!

This sucker works awesome! Mark is going to be busy cutting wood!

Then later that day we decided to clean up an area that is near the yurt. Clean up means getting out all the branches and bark out of the underbrush that we will keep.

Of course we start a fire to burn all of it. Mark found a stump that he decided to burn out.

Here is a little video.

Here is what our well looks like now! Tomorrow we hope to start trenching to finish the well and to get electrical going!


1 thought on “New Heat

  1. Wow what an adventure but I can see how awesome the end result will be! Happy for you both with new chapter in life! 👍😘


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