Thoughts of Newman

Mom and mantoy have been doing all sorts of stuff. They brought out this big thing that put all these ditches in the ground. It is really scary having to walk over the bridge they made for me to get to the other side.

Now they have been making lots of fires that do help me stay warm when the sun is not out! (And I don’t have to wear that silly sweater my mom bought me)

They have been digging around in this area putting stuff in this big green thing and then dumping it on the fire. Of course Shiloh and I are close by to make sure they don’t get hurt. Who would feed us if they got hurt!!!!

Shiloh and I are wondering when they are ever going to get done so we can have dinner!


1 thought on “Thoughts of Newman

  1. Hahaha……your messages from digs is hysterical!! 👍😂😂

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