Working Toilet

I am back on the island and so glad to be home! I had a great visit with my daughter but it’s always good to get home.

We have a working toilet! Mark finished it yesterday.

Here we are filling up the tank!

Now in this next video I know it looks like I actually tinkled in the toilet, but I did not! The water is now clear after several flushes and a couple cleanings! But this video is of the very first flush!

Today is a beautiful day. So Mark is going to be burning some wood. He had fun using the truck moving these large stumps.

Newman helping of course!


6 thoughts on “Working Toilet

  1. Now THAT, my friend, is exciting!

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    1. I know!!!! Some people just don’t get it! ☺️


  2. Rick & Marguerite Bain December 27, 2018 — 6:20 pm

    Lol, if you’ve ever had to go without one for awhile, a flushing toilet is a sight to behold! I get it!

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  3. Best Birthday gift ever?? Love it!!

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