An evening in a yurt

We hope everyone had a great Christmas with family and friends!

Mark and I are not going to buy an actual mattress until we build our bedroom yurt this summer. So we purchased a king size blow up mattress. So we decided to sleep in the yurt!

Well that first night was both exciting and exhausting! It is like a drum when you hear the rain on the roof. It is awesome! But the air mattress was cold! We just could not get warm in the bed. Moving to plan B!

So yesterday was a cold rainy day. So we headed to town and purchased a foam mattress topper and a mattress cover. We are going to fix that cold bed! So once I got the bed made of course I had to try it out!

Here is a video of me enjoying the bed and listening to the rain.

I was able to take a nice rainy nap!

So here we are all set up to go to bed last night.

We had quite the wind storm last night. I think we had winds up to 40 mph! But the yurt survived and we slept well after adding our insulation on our bed. 😂

I temporarily situated our bed in front of one of our picture windows. It will go up in the loft once it is completed. Check out the sunrise I got to watch while laying in bed this morning!

So we decided to move the camper into its permanent place on our property today!

Then we built this temporary porch and stairs so I don’t have to lift Newman into the yurt any more! We won’t start building a deck until early summer.

Our adventure has been a huge learning process for me. I am sure some of you remember me telling you of our idea and we should have everything done and living in the yurt by October. Boy, was I very naive! We have made such great progress since we arrived and have had a few set backs that have been out of our control.

As of today we are patiently waiting for the electrician to come back and fix a few things that the inspector did not like. Once that has been completed Mark can rock and roll in getting the rest of the electrical done! Then we can finish the plumbing in the bathroom and kitchen.

Thank you to all of you that follow this adventure!

2 thoughts on “An evening in a yurt

  1. Looks fabulous! I think you will be very happy in there!


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