Hello! It has been awhile since I have done a blog. I was able to make a trip to Colorado to see family and friends!

During the trip Mark sent me this picture of snow that we had on the island Monday morning!

Yesterday and today Mark has been busy putting insulation under the yurt floor.

It has been cold today but the sun has been out most of the day! Mark has been working hard to keep the cold out of the yurt. Here is what we are putting on the floor for now until we are done with the insulation below. 🤣

Here is what is left from the snow on Monday.

Who would think I would have to shovel my temporary porch!

We have snow in the forecast tomorrow and Saturday. ❄️❄️❄️

Making progress… ❤️

5 thoughts on “Insulation

  1. Brrr..shoveling snow!! Lol, I did that today! Thanks for sharing!😘


  2. Abby told me we were too busy talking that we didn’t get a picture……way to go Nana. Lol
    Love reading your Blog


    1. How cute! She is a special girl!!! ❤️


  3. Timing of insulation is spot on. I sent you a text, re: impending snowstorm per CNN. Stay by the woodburning stove with the pups❄️


    1. It’s cold!!!! We will! Crazy weather!!!


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