Washington Snow

Well it has been quite an experience the last few days in Washington. I thought we moved here to get away from the Colorado snow, but it looks like we brought it with us. The snow is gorgeous on the property but after 18 inches now, we are so over it!!!

Mark has been going out every couple hours to take the snow off our army tent roof. We need to have this tent last us through the summer until we get a storage shed built!

People have been asking if we need to remove the snow from the yurt roof. The answer is no. The heat from inside the yurt helps melt the snow so that when it reaches a certain weight, it just slides off. It is so fun to listen to it start to move and then you look out one of the windows and see it fall! Here is a video of the snow coming off. We have had some great falls!

Someone asked if we planned on putting skirting around the yurt. We really have not thought about it until we get our deck built. But here is mother nature’s way of skirting for us! (great insulation)

Check out the snowfall on our spool!

Now at 6:00 pm our snow has turned to rain…

Crazy!!!! But living in our yurt is so awesome listening to all the sounds!

Here is a great sunrise that Mark caught yesterday between storms.

3 thoughts on “Washington Snow

  1. Whew – definitely a challenge with the weather. But you guys are enjoying yourselves and what an amazing adventure! Loving Life!, πŸ˜˜πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘


  2. On the picture of snow on the spindle table…at first glance I thought you had a MierCat standing on it…….that’s cheap wine for ya ha!

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