Busy days…

Mark has been busy trying to burn our large wood piles. Last night he started this pile on fire. The picture below does not show its true size.

Here is what the fire was like before we went to bed.

And here is what it looked like this morning. 😮

Today was a beautiful sunny day. Mark and I finished the last few things in the bathroom.

It is the season to get 🐥! So we are working on the coop so we can get a few laying hens to start getting eggs. And in a week I plan on getting some babies! I am so flipping excited!

Mark is doing an awesome job with the coop build! Still more to come.

Nice view!

The handle is from a Madrona tree.

So far all the materials we are using on the coop have come from the crates of the yurt or wood on the property!

We have some great neighbors. They brought in this small tractor to start working on their property. They are storing it on ours so that we can keep an eye on it. So Mark had to take it for a spin.


2 thoughts on “Busy days…

  1. Bathroom is so nice!!! And you will have your chicken fix soon 🐥 wind chill -20 today ☹️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Holy moly! That is cold! I think we will see 47 today and it’s sunny!!! 🤗


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