Cassie came from Colorado for a visit! She spent a few days in Seattle hanging out with family!

Mark and I headed out on Sunday to Seattle to hang with the family as well… of course the dogs love to ride in the truck.

We had a great dinner with family.

Poor Sue caught a really bad cough and cold. She was sick in bed and did not get to join us for dinner. 😷

So this morning we came back to the island. We had a great surprise and Mark’s cousin Irene came for a visit to check out our yurt. She loved it! (They must shop at the same store for clothing) 😂

Then we took a walk down to the beach.

It was fun turning over the rocks to watch the crabs scurry. This guy was a big fella.

We of course we put Cassie to work helping us load firewood into the yurt.

While we were on the beach we stumbled across some oysters. So of course we had to try them out.

At the end of the day Cassie had to try out the stairs and the bed.

Fun day!

2 thoughts on “Visitor!

  1. No pearls?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No!!!! I think we were cheated! But they were yummy!❤️


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