Thoughts of Newman

My mom looked at me today and said “Newman let’s go to the beach”! I am looking at her and thinking she is nuts! You know how far that is for this short fat fella!!

But then my mom said I could ride in this to the beach.

Thanks Nana and Papa!

Well many of you might not know this but I am kinda adventurous. I told my mom “let’s go”!

Of course my best friend was coming too.

The ride was a little bumpy and scary but Shiloh told me to suck it up buttercup.

This video doesn’t exist

It is wonderful!

Mom told me not to drink the water!

Shiloh had fun relaxing on the beach…

Mom told me this is a crab and not to eat it!
This sand is nice and soft.

What a great time! My mom kept saying she wanted me to see the beach before I die. Is there something I am missing???


1 thought on “Thoughts of Newman

  1. That is great. That last shot of Newman with the driftwood, water, and sky in the background is a classic.

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