Good friends…

We had the best visit from Heidi and Les! They were here to celebrate the July 4th and Mark’s Birthday.

We started out July 4th with a round of golf at Lake Limerick golf course.

I wonder who won between the men?!?!?

Then we returned home and loaded up the Suzuki and headed to the beach!

Mark of course had to take Les out and see if they could catch a geoduck. They were successful but it was a strange looking one with such a small shell.

Then we came back to the yurt and took a short nap before cooking some fresh oysters from the beach!

Bottoms up!

Then on Friday we hung out at the yurt for the morning and enjoyed the pleasant weather. Heidi mentioned she was worried about us that we are so isolated on the island and not getting enough socializing in, but that morning we had two neighbors stop by to chat. 🤣 We are social butterflies!

Then we went to play golf at the course I work at, LakeLand Village golf course.

Saturday arrives and we plan on heading to Seattle on the ferry and are going to play 18 holes of golf. Well we decided we were exhausted with all the golf that had been played and made it a sight seeing day!

Of course we had to take a picture before we left the island!

Here we are on the ferry ride to Seattle.

Our first stop off the ferry was lunch for some fish and chips at the Lock Spot!

Then we toured the Locks in Ballard.

Boy, they are deep in thought!

Then we headed to George and Sue’s for the afternoon before going out for Mark’s birthday dinner.

Of course we had to ride in style to dinner and drive George’s 86 Lincoln! After dinner we took it for a cruise and went to ShilShole Bay Beach at sunset and then a nightcap at Ray’s Boathouse.

Mark and Les were figuring out how to shut the lights off.

Then at Ray’s, Mark had to sign the golf scorecard that Les beat Mark! That card is going to be framed.

He looks thrilled…

What a great visit with our very dear friends!!! Can’t wait for them to visit again!


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