Fun with friends

We first met April and Joseph when we first decided to settle on our property. They have a small yurt on their property here on Harstine Island. Mark stayed in it for one night and slept for 12 hours, he was then hooked on the yurt experience. Then when we both came to visit we both stayed in their yurt and got to enjoy a glass of wine with them on their peaceful property. It was an awesome experience and a friendship began to bloom.

We invited them over to dinner last night and we cooked out on the beach.

They own a small company that creates short movies and will do random shoots for other movies. They also do film editing for larger production companies. They both are very talented people.

Joseph is from Lebanon. He came to our country about 12 years ago. He went through the process to become a citizen and 10 years later it came to fruition! What an accomplishment! 🇺🇸

They created this fun little video of our night together.

Joseph has a great eye for art.

What a beautiful night we had!


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