We are alive!

Hello faithful blog followers! We are still alive, we just have not done a lot of progress to blog about. But we made progress today!

Here is how we kicked off the morning drinking our morning coffee.

First thing that had to be completed was unloading the truck of wood that is being used on the outer walls. Some of the wood has nails in them from the other job site they were pulled from. It is my job to remove all the nails,

Then Mark and I were able to erect the completed first wall and get it secured. It was pretty heavy but we did it!

Please take a good look at the pictures as you will see that the chickens wanted to help in the building.

Of course Newman and Shiloh was there to help in this project as well. 🤣

During construction our hen Gerald started cackling. It’s the noise they make when they want to lay an egg or they just did. We knew she was laying somewhere but we couldn’t find the hiding place. Well we hit the jackpot.

So Gerald and one of our Lavender Orpington named Thelma have been laying in this spot. Gerald was upset because Thelma was in there laying an egg and she wanted to be in there.

Enough of the fun, now on to building the second wall.

Then we lifted the wall on to the platform and used piping to roll it all the way on to the flooring.

Front view

We secured up the two walls for the night so we can start in the morning.

Here is where the sliding glass door will be located in the bedroom. This will be our view as we are lying in bed.

We will move the hot tub closer to the bedroom sliding door so it won’t be in that view as much. 😉

Then I found this cute guy on one of our boards! He was relocated safely.

Progress… I can’t wait to see what we get done tomorrow.

1 thought on “We are alive!

  1. No wonder Mark has a bad back!!!!


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