Washington – Day 1 look

Back in June sometime Cassie and I had a few discussions about her moving to Washington to take on new adventures.. Reluctantly she finally agreed it would be a good move. We set a date to be the first week in December due to her best friend getting married and her other best friend having her first baby the end of September.. September was a very busy month for Cassie! Once this was all completed she decided what was keeping her in Brush until December, let’s move now.

Well, here we are heading out on our Thelma and Louise adventure.

On our way to Kremmling we passed this lake with great clouds above it!

Our first stop was Craig, Colorado. Cassie wanted to visit the Northwestern museum located there. It was a great stop and we enjoyed the history.

Now onward to the Dinosaur National Monument located in Colorado and Utah. It was awesome!

There was open grazing in the area so we got to “meat” some great cows! We saw no dinosaurs!

After this picture was taken “Lucy” who is Cassie’s car decided ahead of time that she did not want to leave the park. What is a great stall tactic? Let’s overheat! I did not take a picture of us with the hood up on the side of the road, but you can only imagine how pathetic we looked. We were thankful for many people stopping to ask if we needed help and of course we said “no we got this”. But we did get this great video of the wildlife!

Of course we had to take these two pictures for Mark as we were going 15 mph babying the car to the visitor center.

So we made it down to the bottom to the visitor center and poured lots of water into the car after talking to Mark by FaceTime. Of course Cassie had to shed a few tears, but we both sucked it up and got in the car and successfully made it to Salt Lake City! Only 3 hours late. 😂

We stayed at the cutest AirBnB in the city. Of course we did not arrive until 9:30. The temperature was down to 45. This little critter never warmed up through the night. Cassie and I was a little chilled by morning!

Overall it was a great day! One day closer to Washington!

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