Washington – Day 2

So I posted these on day one but here we are leaving our cold Airstream to head out on our second day!

We decided to do a little sight seeing in Salt Lake City.

Off we go, on the road again!

As we were leaving Salt Lake City we saw this crazy fire going the other way.

We had to stop off at the Salt Flats.

It just amazed us how you can see the reflections in the water!

Onward James!

Who does not like a town named Jackpot!

We made our next stop at Shoshone Falls in Idaho.

Now it’s time to put the pedal to the metal and get into Oregon for the evening.

We landed in Hermiston for the night. I felt like splurging and took Cassie out to Denny’s for a steak dinner!

Nothing is too good for us! We are now going to bed after a very long day. Lots of fun to come tomorrow.

1 thought on “Washington – Day 2

  1. Hi – love this trip for you gals…..Imtried posting a comment on earlier blog but it would accept 🤷🏼‍♀️ Promise I did not say anything inappropriate????? 🥴. Lol
    What a wonderful adventure – you made memories goober girl! 🥰👍


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