Washington – We made it!

Holy Moly! We made it to Washington. It was a great day yesterday, it was cloudy and a little cooler.

We started our day visiting The Column in Astoria. The views were spectacular. We we able to climb the column. It has 164 stairs to the top.

Then our next adventure was to cross this bridge into Washington. I did not know that Cassie is not a fan of large bridges. 🙄

Here we go!

It was so flipping cool! What a great bridge. I tried to get Cassie to drive but she refused.

And then we were in Washington!

Our next stop was at Cape Disappointment State Park to check out the lighthouse. The walk up to the light house was so pretty and some great exercise.

Fall is definitely here in Washington.

Then we drove to Westport to have lunch and check out their light house. We went to the coast to see it, but it actually is tucked in the middle of town.

Then we headed to Harstine Island. What a great trip and thankful that Cassie let me take this adventure with her! ❤️

We can’t wait to see what the future holds for Cassie in Washington!

1 thought on “Washington – We made it!

  1. Been to Astoria more than once but have never been up the tower – interesting and great views!!!!


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