Manual Labor

Well we finally got a day without constant rain. So I decided to get outside and work some muscles that have gotten really soft!

All around the yurt area is rocks and bark from clearing the area for building the yurt and septic system.

So I decided it was time to clean up the area and hope some natural grass might start growing this winter.

You can see the difference in this picture

Of course Shiloh and the girls were out helping me. This work stinks! It is almost as bad as digging those dumb ditches!

Mark then brought over the tractor and scooped up my piles and we are using it as fill in our driveway.

Here is what the ground looked like before.

And now after!

I still have one more area to finish tomorrow. But what I got done today looks pretty darn good!

Yesterday we integrated the new bantams that we got to the flock. My new little rooster is quite the scrapper. I think he is going to be the top rooster. Poor Cousin It! But the new rooster, Chicken Little is doing great protecting the little bantam girls!

Here he is crowing. Can you hear he is still a teenager. 😂

These three ladies are my new ones.

I have already gotten two and three eggs from them!


2 thoughts on “Manual Labor

  1. Glad you’re back at your Blogging, I missed the posts and you!


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