Fun things…

Well the weather has been very eventful. We have had rain and snow for the last week. Thankfully we did not the two feet of snow that the north area received.

And during this lovely weather Shiloh got bath and a trim!

Yesterday I added a few more chickens to my flock from a neighbor. They have never slept in a coop before, they have roosted outside. So I am sure Mark and I will have to catch them a few nights to put them in the coop.

I got two Ameraucana and one Speckled Sussex mix! I just love them. Today they did not want to come out of the coop it was so nice and warm. But they are now wondering around following the other flock! I now have 15 hens and two roosters.

I think I still have room for a couple more chickens in my coop but I will discuss that with Mark later. 😉

Of course I had to put this picture in of Chicken Little.

Then yesterday we finally got around to putting together this great bbq smoker. Of course Mark had lots of helpers!

I can’t wait too cook some meat in this bad boy.

Then we ended our day watching our friend Doug drop a couple big trees. Our private road that leads to our property and our neighbors is a single wide road. Our neighbor with his bigger tractor is making our road two cars wide. In order to do that we are having to move the road slightly so that it actually falls within the easement that had been established many years ago. It has been lots of work and more to come. More pictures of that work to come later. But here are some videos of the trees falling.

That was so crazy to watch that big tree fall!


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  1. Living the Life!!!! So Happy for the both of you!!!

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