Project day

We had overcast weather today but no rain! So we decided to get some projects completed.

We sold our camper trailer. So today was move it out day.

The motorhome is ready for our guests!

So then we moved on to building a temporary ramp for Newman to get off and up on the deck. His shoulder/knee keeps getting worse with age, and the stairs are pretty tough on him. It will help Shiloh as well, as his hips don’t move as well as they used too.

Success? 😂

Then we had a friend visit us that lives on the island as well. He brought Mark a surprise.

It is a night vision telescope used in the Vietnam era. Mark has been checking it out and discovered he needs to purchase a part to have it work correctly.

Then we moved on to my chicken coop door. Since we moved the coop, the door was not shutting completely with my automatic door opener. We added a little weight to it so we will see what happens tonight and in the morning.

And of course a blog would not be complete without some chickens. These two girls are Thelma and Louise. When I purchased them this last summer they were about a year old. The previous owner clipped their wings so short. It made me so sad. But they have gone through their molt and they are some beauties now!

Thelma is top and Louise is bottom
Have a great day!

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