Chicken Coop

What a beautiful day yesterday! I decided I needed to add more nesting boxes to the coop. Okay Mark… another project you get to help me with! 🤣

Re-purposing a box from the garden.
Louise was doing the inspecting

Of course Shiloh was supervising. He must be county employed! 🤣

Then of course the girls had to check out what we were doing.

And now the finished project! If this does not get my wandering chickens to lay in the coop then we will have to put up a pen and they won’t get to free range till the afternoon!


3 thoughts on “Chicken Coop

  1. Love the nesting boxes!!! I have had to leave my chickens in the coop till about 1 PM!!! They were doing real well with all of them laying in the coop but now they have decided that they all want one box!!! They are literally waiting in line for that ONE box!!! Apparently three of them decided they don’t want to wait and have taken to laying them somewhere else on the back 40!!!! Haven’t found their nests yet! Grrrrrrrrr! Who said raisin’ chickens was easy!!! Let us know if more boxes are the solution. I have decided to build a chicken run!!


    1. Well I really don’t want to have to build a fence to keep them contained for the mornings. But we will if needed!

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      1. It beats having to look for eggs!!! You have plenty to do already!!! Lo!


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