Cabin Fever

I know we are currently practicing social distancing but we are so grateful that Cassie came to see us for a couple days! Our weather was overcast with a few rain showers, but what is new?

We decided to take a little adventure on the island and yes we continued with social distancing. We found out that the island has two cemeteries. The first one I could not find any information on it very easily. So I am just going to share the cool pictures I took.

Some graves had markers such as these and no headstones.

Just amazing how old, unique and how simple these grave markers are. It make you sad on the condition of some because you don’t know who is buried there.

This grave is a soldier. The quarter placed on the grave means the person who placed it was with the soldier when he was killed.
Only this marker and no headstone

The picture below is very sad. This is the gravesite of three babies. They were born to John and Agnes Tingley. The first baby girl was born 5-20-38, the second girl born 5-27-39, and the third boy 5-25-40. I actually stood at those little graves and shed a tear.

Our next stop was the Harstine Island Cemetery that I found was registered and you could download a registry of those that are buried.

This cemetery is a historical site.

Below are pictures of the grave of Philura and Robert C. Harrell. I have also attached three pages that tell about this grave and the cemetery.

This place was so serene. The oldest person that we found was born 1828.

No relation I am aware of 😉
This bed had three graves in it.
Grave one in bed
Grave two in bed
Grave three in bed
This marker lost the paper inside to tell you who was buried.

What a great field trip! Then we had to do some geocaching on the island as well.

The picture below is the geocache we found by using a puzzle in the first cemetery we visited. It gave you clues to find the longitude and latitude coordinates.

While driving on the island we saw some wildlife.

Then that afternoon we utilized Cassie’s set of hands to help put up some panels on the ceiling in the bedroom.

To finish our evening Friday night, we played some dominoes. Of course Mark won. 🤨

We got up on Saturday and had biscuits and gravy for breakfast and was ready to work in the bedroom.

Ceiling panels are up and the one wall with the wood look. Lots more to go but we are making progress! Thank you Cassie for all your help!


1 thought on “Cabin Fever

  1. Awesome adventure and the bedroom looks great too! Yay fir all of you!! 🥰👍😘


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