We are taking full advantage of this sunshine! I bought some flower seeds and planted them in three areas. We will see if they come up or not.

Zinnias in the wheelbarrow
Marigolds in the wash bins
Bachelor Button Cyanus

Then I planted a few flowers in my pots by my deck.

Then I noticed my azaleas are starting to bloom.

Our neighbor decided that our private road leading to our homes needed to be widened. Then he felt it should be moved since it was not located in the easement from many years ago. We ate very fortunate he was able to do all this work himself. We had to cut down some big trees and move a lot of bushes and dirt. Now we have put down rock for one lane. Since the road moved of course we now had to move our mailbox. 🤣 Here is what the road now looks like.

Where the truck is sitting was the old entrance
This old entrance is now closed.

Mark put the mailbox in so it would never have to be moved! So much for that thinking.

New location

Then we came home and finished up on our planter boxes in our fenced area.

Now I need these babies to grow some more and I can get them planted! I still have some work to do on the boxes, but overall I love the look. The ring with the white cups will hold my herbs.

Mark found a new way of growing cucumbers. So we are excited to see what happens.

I added a new rooster to my flock since the passing of Chicken Little. His name is Frank!

Of course the two boys are determining who is the king, so unfortunately poor Cousin It looks a little rough.

Of course the girls are loving the sunshine!

Today we are going to work on blocking underneath our addition and yurt to keep the chickens out of the fenced area. Then we can get grass planted. This will be a great area for the dogs to use when we get the dog door installed.


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