Just another fun day

Mark has started working on creating a road down to the tree line. Past this tree line is the bluff over looking the beach and water. Our goal is to get a decent road down to this area to create some nice relaxing spots near the bluff to listen to the water and watch activity. Maybe eventually build a cabin in the lower part of the property. Dreams… 😉

The below picture is what it looks like that Mark is clearing right now.

Below is where he finished today. He did make it through the tree line! Holy moly that is awesome work. My pictures don’t show the true work done as I was too lazy to walk down and get good pictures. 🤣🤣 More pictures you come.

Can you see the tractor?
The tractor is there

The daisies are beautiful right now. In a few days our property will be full of foxgloves in bloom.

I fiddle farted around the yurt today. I did start putting up some trim work in the bedroom. I know what you are thinking… Yes, we are going to get some carpet for the room. 😂

My little babies are so darn cute!


1 thought on “Just another fun day

  1. So glad you took over the property! George and I had so many plans for it and now you and Mark are bringing all those plans to fruition!!!

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