Adventures of Shiloh

Mom said we are going on a road trip to try and escape the 94 degree day that we are going to have on the island.

Here I am in the car and ready to go!

We went to Port Townsend. I have no idea where that is I just heard my mom say we are going north.

Our first stop was to a light house at Point Wilson located in the Fort Warden state park.

I was busy watching a bird
Boy, it sure is warm out
Dad on his phone again

Mom and Dad then found a geocache while we were here.

Then we found another geocache at the fort near this really cool theater.

Then Dad spotted a park and of course we had to stop because there was a geocache there too.

Mom spotted this pretty flower in the park and had to take a picture. She told me I better not pee on it!

Then we decided to go down town and walk around. Boy, it was warm.

Grabbing some lunch
And no, I did not get any lunch

It was a fun day to hang out with my humans! When we got back home, it was 93 degrees outside and only 90 degrees in our yurt. 🤪

So I am relaxing outside in the shade!

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