More solar

It was a cooler day today so Mark made great progress with the solar system.

Starting to figure the layout
Mark is working the numbers in his head
This big box weighs about 250 pounds!
And now we have two!
Of course Shiloh is supervising

Mark thinks he is as far as he can get. We will now call the company to come out and hook up the panels to the boxes.

And when Mark did not need my help today I baked some sugar cookies using my sister’s best recipe. But let me tell you my funny during the cookie making process. After putting all the ingredients in the bowl and doing the final mixing I tasted the batter. Oh my gosh it tasted terrible. Then it dawned on me I forgot to put the sugar in! 😂 So I was not going to waste all those ingredients so I dumped the sugar in at that moment and mixed the dough with my hands. 😂 They did not quite turn out as good as normal but they are edible by my standards. 🤪


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