Hello! It’s been awhile since I have blogged. But I have been busy.

My last blog I posted Mark and I were camping to get away from the smoke. The early morning of the day we were heading home I get a call from my daughter. Her water broke! Little Camden was coming. I told her I would not make it that day, but would be on the first flight the next day! 🥰

Then this little sweetie came home!

Of course the four legged brothers got Camden gifts!

Camden’s own collar and leash!
We love our new brother

We all found out it’s tough work having a new born baby in the house.

We have introduced Camden to our daily walks with his brothers.

I could go on forever with fun pictures.

Future best buddies!
Whew, sleep!
Three generations
Goo goo gave me this paci!

Then Camden got to meet his Pappy!

Best nap ever!

Then we decided to have a fun day and visit the aquarium in Atlanta.

The aquarium was amazing. Then we headed to the World of Coca Cola.

The secret vault with the recipe

Then of course we needed to have a beer and snack at the Braves Stadium area.

Great memories!

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