Road Trip

Well it has been a long week. Andy flew into Atlanta last Thursday and we started our road trip to Texas! Alicia and Camden are relocating to be with Parrish.

This has been a great home
Tuck is at the house!
House is getting empty
Dogs are wondering where the couch is
Don’t worry Camden is coming!
Taking a needed break
We had to load boxes in this pickup and back down to the street to load the truck since she had a crazy driveway!
Several trips
Andy and I waiting for Alicia
We are officially loaded

So Thursday night we went to a hotel to stay until we hit the road on Friday. Now this was a crazy time loading two dogs, a baby and three humans in a car along with luggage!

But the first night was successful.

The next night we made it to Meridian, Mississippi.

He is exhausted

Then our third night was in Corsicana, Texas.

Two cute men!
An exhausted mama!
Finley loved the elevators

Please take note that the last three nights we all shared one room with two beds. Of course during the night we would hear Camden grunt and eat during the night, listen to the breast pump and Andy snore. None of us really got a lot of sleep. 😂

Now it is Sunday and we are loading up for our last two hour ride to Austin!

We pull into Pflugerville Texas and arrive to this wonderful welcome.

Then of course the fun begins. 😂

Andy doing some organizing
We are done!
Andy taking care of Camden

Then we got to relax a little and then we took the dogs to the lake that is near by for a nice walk.

Out on the back patio
Camden loves walks in his stroller
The boys loved their swim

Andy enjoyed getting to spend some time with his nephew.

So special

Today we had to take Andy to the airport to head back to Colorado. We are going to miss him. But of course we had to go to Rudy’s for lunch first.

I am heading home Friday morning. I am so grateful for Mark holding down the yurt during my very long absence and taking care of Shiloh and the chickens! I will miss my grand baby so much! I am so thankful I have gotten so much time with him.

I hope Parrish, Alicia and Camden make many wonderful memories in their beautiful home!

4 thoughts on “Road Trip

  1. What a journey! Mark (and all of us) will be glad when you are home , too!We

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I admire all 3 of you for your courage, initiative and stamina taking on this gigantic journey. With an infant and two large dogs no less. More than that, well, there is no more than that, you conquered it all. Go momma Alicia, grandma Kristi and uncle, brother and son Andy. Camden, sweet baby, you have a great and interesting life ahead of you. Love to all♥️

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  3. WOW!!! That was epic!!!! Glad you all make it safe and sound and ready for new adventures!!!


  4. Wow!!!!! I am exhausted reading all about your trip to loading up and the big Welcome sign for Alicia and Camden! What an adventure! LOVE Goober Girl!!! ❤️🥰❤️ Sweet little family of yours in Texas! Hope your Mom is doing ok. I am back in Florida returning to work next week! Hope to talk soon! 😘👍


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