Adding to the flock

Mark and I have an elderly neighbor that Mark has became close with and helps him with projects around his property. Mark has really enjoyed his company and great sense of humor. He has been having trouble taking care of his flock of chickens, geese and his turkey. So we decided to help out and rehome his two geese and turkey to our property. He also has two cats that will come and live with us.

We have relocated the goose named The Colonel and the other goose named Casper. Casper loves the pool. We will move them out today onto the property to free range with the chickens. Mark and I are already thinking about how to create a small pool for them.

We have caught one of the cats and her name is Goldie. I did not get a picture of her yesterday but I will post later. We were able to catch her by hand but the other black cat we will have to set a trap.

Then our biggest catch will be the turkey. It is used to humans but you can’t pet him. So we will probably have to borrow a big net to get him in the back of the truck. More to come on that excitement.

We had a nice rainy day yesterday and are supposed to have some rain today and tomorrow. So Mark decided to light the big pile of wood next to the Yurt. Well the rain stopped around 4:00ish so Mark and I were out with hoses for about three hours hosing down the Yurt from any flying embers. But overall it was a good evening. It helped with all the election news so Mark stayed up late monitoring the fire.

This shows how big the pile was
Just started
This was taken when I went to bed
When I got up this morning
Now right before I posted this blog

Always something going on… our next project is finishing the siding on our bedroom! 🤣


Camden is impressed with our work

2 thoughts on “Adding to the flock

  1. Love these updates ! Glad you got rid of that pile… extra animals? that will keep life interesting…LOL

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  2. Goober girl… your story! How both of us are living different lives from our corporate world days! And Camden and Parrish joining the family is over the top of Living the Dream! Air hugs! Dianne xoxo

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