We had a busy morning with a truck load of rock being delivered.

First lay
Second lay and final dump
Colonel was supervising today

Mark of course got to use the tractor spreading the rock around.

But not me, I had to use my trusty handy rake and do it by hand. (Note to self, learn how to use the tractor 🤣)

Little more than half way done
Tah Dah!

The goose named Colonel actually had an old friend, a dog named Rusty. Rusty passed last year and this poor goose was devastated. Today Shiloh spent all morning outside with me and colonel was trying to make friends with Shiloh.

The Colonel pretty much made this noise the entire time I moved rock. 😳

Good day of work!

1 thought on “Rock

  1. 1)Boys & their toys🤣
    2) yes you should learn how to drive the tractor. Mark shouldn’t have all the fun🤣🤣.
    3) i just love your place❤. Cant wait till we can come visit.
    4) Colonel is OUTSTANDING!! We had 6 geese thst had just started laying when a mom coyote and 3 pups decided to use them for hunting practice😭 Treasure your beauty❤


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