Good deed

Mark and I are so lucky to live on this beautiful island. We have met so many great and interesting people and some we can call good friends.

We have an older gentleman friend that Mark has really enjoyed his friendship. This man has really grown to trust Mark and share his dry wit of humor in their conversations. His name is Richard. Unfortunately Richard is a huge hoarder. The county has been on him several times to get his property cleaned up and Mark has been working with him for the last two years to help get it more organized to appease the county. Unfortunately Richard had a bad fall it has broken a couple ribs. He is a veteran and is now in a soldiers home recuperating and getting in better health. If you remember a past blog post I made about two geese that we rehomed from this gentleman. Since Richard has not been home for the last couple months his children have decided that it is time to start rehoming his chickens. Mark helped to find someone here on the island that would start trying to catch these wild chickens to rehome them on their farm. Keep in mind these chickens have never been in a coop they roost at night in this large tree that sits on the road under a huge light. After a couple weeks the farmer was not having much luck catching these birds and the ones that he did catch would not go into his coop and were drawing in coyotes on his property. Which means the short story is he did not want to catch any more chickens.

Now is where this story gets really interesting… 🤣🤣🤣 On Friday Mark and I went to the property to check out the chickens to see how we were going to catch them. Luckily we had a few of the chickens in this makeshift coop that the farmer built. We were able to get inside and catch two hens and one baby chick. So we brought the three of them home and put them in my nursery coop run that I have set up. I told Mark let’s go back that same night and see where the chickens are roosting in that tree and see if any of them are low enough for us to catch. When we got there we were able to catch the mama and one more baby chick out of the tree.

But there also is a twist to this whole story as well. It got out through the next door app and the Harstine Community Island Facebook page that Richard was not going to be coming home anytime soon. Our little island of course is not perfect and we have meth head people that live here. So now we have people ram sacking his property, his temporary little home and his trailer that is full of his stuff that he hordes. So of course Mark keeps an eye on the property for Richard and is now setting up traps to help monitor who is coming on the property and what they are stealing. We are some busy people between catching thrives and chickens!

So going back to this morning we walked the property and noticed a few things missing but some of the stuff that they were stockpiling to come back later to get they did not take. They did break into his two vehicles and took everything out of those but luckily did not take the vehicles. Mark does have some surprises for those that want to step on the property. 😉. The chickens finally came out of hiding and went back to the temporary coop area which I was able to throw some feed. We were able to get the door shut and trap most of the chickens. We caught all of them except for one.

We actually caught 9 today
The two black ones up top I rehomed and we caught first.
This is a serama rooster that I hope will fit in my flick
These are the ones that I will keep

So we decided once it turned dark tonight we wanted to go back to Richards to see if any of the thieves came back and to see if we might be able to catch the chicken that we missed earlier today. We did not see anything out of place and our mission was a success because Mark caught the chicken. The funny story about catching this chicken is it was higher up in the tree and Mark found a net to use to catch the chicken. Mark had to climb up on the ladder knock the chicken into the net and then flip it over to catch it. And he succeeded he caught the chicken until he found out the net had a hole in it. What makes this story funny is Richards stuff on his property is usually broken or does not work. 🤣🤣🤣. But that did not stop Mark! He caught the last chicken.

So I am going to be busy for the next few days introducing nine chickens into my current flock 😳. I was able to find a nice family that took four of the chickens today for rehoming.

Yes I am very crazy for doing this!!! But I love chickens! There is definitely a new coop in my near future. 🤩 Of course I will keep all of you informed on the progress.

Just another day on the homestead!

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