Little work today

It was a beautiful sunny morning today. I was finally able to get out and take a nice long walk and enjoy my surroundings. Once I got home I told Mark we need to be productive and put up a few sheets of siding. I almost fell off my chair when he actually agreed. 🤣

He is so good with power tools!
Work in progress
Starting to look good. We did not want to cut one small piece out of a complete sheet. So will finish that on the next day we get productive.

And of course I was interacting with my chickens today. Our new rooster, Sergio was introduced today to the flock. He did awesome. Let’s hope he knows how to get into the coop tonight.

So handsome!
He is fitting in well.
Even Cousin It (white rooster) does not seem to mind him.

Tonight I will place my three larger girls that I have rehomed into the coop tonight for the first time. So we will see how they interact tomorrow and if they find the coop tomorrow night. 🤞🏻

Progress! ❤️

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