Excavating work

It has been exciting on the property for the last couple days. We had more excavation work done on the upper half of the property.

We punched in another entrance that will be used for some kind of shop we plan on building.

Here he comes!
So fun to watch him pick up the huge tree stumps!

And here it is all cleared. The fire is still burning as of today. Where the fire is located is where we will put some sort of shop.

This sure helped get that fire blazing.

We also cleared out stumps where the second set of solar panels will go up in the future.


We had a garage sale at the tent! 🤣🤣

Not really, but we did make it smaller and now it’s housing just the solar panels and an orange cat. 🤣

Then we moved on to the area closer to the yurt and where I will be putting my new chicken compound!

Mark herding the chickens
The chickens love fresh ground!
I guess George was not impressed 🤣
It was so fun watching him get out those big stumps.
This is where the chickens new home will be.
I think they approve of the new area

We are making some fun progress. It just means more work. 😳🤣🤠

But we make sure to take time to enjoy our blessed life! ❤️

1 thought on “Excavating work

  1. It was great entertainment especially the chicken herding!!!

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